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It's a hobby, not a job.
Have fun and enjoy the pastime of making model ships and boats!

Hello, from your newest member!
- by lacoon On Oct 30, 2014 - 12:52 AM
Hi, looking forward to being a member.
0 Replies | 29 Views Print

I'm an Irish newbie starting on a Constructo Cutty Sark kit
- by noelfix On Oct 29, 2014 - 6:25 AM
I acquired an opened Constructo Cutty Sark kit but the PLANS and MANUAL were not with it. I am hoping some of the members might be able to help. I would be happy to pay for them although a copy or a loan of them[returnable] would be appreciated.
0 Replies | 2 Views Print

Mary Rose
- by ajay49 On Oct 26, 2014 - 12:03 AM

I'm Alan. Just joined the forum. I live in Epsom, Surrey, UK and I'm retired, married with step children.
I've made two model boats from kits to date a Billings Viking Ship and an Amati Bluenose (almost complete). I'm now contemplating my next project, and after visiting thr Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, I'm considering building this ship from a Caldercraft kit.
Do any members have any experience with this kit? Do any members have any suggestions for...[Read More]
1 Reply | 99 Views Print

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Title: Nameplate Carving
Contributed by: Landlubber7 on 07-30-2013
Summary: The purpose: The shape of the V will determine the depth of the cut you intend to make, say you determine you want a deep cut within the letter, you will draw a squatty or short V at both ends of the centered line. Likewise should you decide on a shallow cut, the length of the V will be elongated, where-as the centered line will be shortened,. The depth of the cut is up to your taste. Just remember whatever you decide on has to be replicated to all the letters and numbers and kept as uniform as you can make them.
Category: Shop Notes / Tips
Views: 1692

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Title: Planking the hull, running the planks (Part One)
Contributed by: [RG] C++ on 06-19-2004
Summary: Part One - Multi Part series on Hull Planking. You can download the full size images from a link at the bottom of these pages
Category: Shop Notes / Tips
Views: 81999

» Latest Glossary Terms
An extra thick band of planking along the sides of the ship that strengthens the structure. They were about the same width as the hull planking but thicker and thus projected 3-4 inches beyond the planking on 16th and 17th century ships and 2-3 inches on 18th and 19th century ships. The top and bottom edges were slightly rounded off and attached to the frames before planking.   Or [View Entire Category]
By: Navarone, On: 09-25-2013
Thole pin
A wooden peg set in pairs in the gunwales of a rowing boat to serve as an oarlock or fulcrum in rowing.   Or [View Entire Category]
By: Navarone, On: 10-10-2011
The housing covering the paddlewheels on Steamships. (e.g. Side Wheel Steamers)   Or [View Entire Category]
By: Susquehanna, On: 04-05-2011
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Uploaded on - 07-20-2014
Ship scale items Inch V1.0
Uploaded on - 07-20-2014
Rigging size calculator
Uploaded on - 09-15-2013
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