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Ship Modeling Forum FAQ - Category - A Preparation

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How do you change the scale of plans?
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What is a good beginner's model kit to start with?
What ship modeling books do you recommend?
What is the difference between bread-and-butter, plank-on-bulkhead, and plank-on-frame construction? *(dinny cole)
What scale should I use? *(Navarone)
Scale is a ratio of the size of the model to the size of the real ship. Scale is expressed in one of two ways (Ref: Ship Modeling from Scratch by Edwin B. Leaf):
* The actual ratio of the model to the real ship. For example 1:96 means the model is 1/96 the size of the original.
* A ratio of inches and feet. For example 1/8”=1’ means that 1/8 inch on the model is equal to 1 foot on the actual ship.

When deciding on what scale to build your ship consider the following:

A - If you purchase plans and intend to scratch build remember that fittings are only made in standard model ship scales. Try to avoid an odd scale. You will not find parts!
B - Another important factor to consider is the overall size of the model. Make sure you have plenty of work space to build the model and plenty of room to display the finished model.
C - Another consideration is the amount of detail you want on the model. With a large scale model it will be easier to incorporate a great deal of detail. If you don’t want to work on tiny pieces choose a small vessel at a large scale.

The ScalerTool by tomse3 is an excellent tool for calculating scales. 
See also -  Model Scale Charts - Scale use Chart

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