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Ship Modeling Forum FAQ - Category - A Preparation

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How do you change the scale of plans?
What is a Practicum? *(firstmate)
What is a good beginner's model kit to start with?
What ship modeling books do you recommend?
What is the difference between bread-and-butter, plank-on-bulkhead, and plank-on-frame construction? *(dinny cole)
What scale should I use? *(Navarone)
What woods are good to use with models? *(1stmatefrank)
What is the difference between beginners, intermediate, or advanced kits? *(wirewolf)
Kits generally divided between Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced kits. Another standard division is between up to six skill levels.

Skill Level 1 kits can be built without prior building experience, using simple hand tools. Some parts in Skill Level 1 kits require cutting and fitting.

Skill Level 2 kits require slightly more skill and some prior experience using hand tools. Some parts in Skill Level 2 require cutting, fitting and shaping.

Skill Level 3 kits are intended for the person having some prior building experience building wooden boats. Skill Level 3 kits contain parts that require cutting, fitting, shaping and fabricating.

Skill Level 4 kits are intended for experienced modelers. Kits in this series feature plank-on-frame construction. Before building a Skill Level 4 kit, modelers generally construct a Skill Level 3 Apprentice kit.

Skill Level 5 - Experienced period ship builder.

Skill Level 6 - Expert period ship builder

See also -  What exactly does ‘Museum Quality' mean?

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What is a good beginners book I could use to get going with? *(Randy)
Is CA a good glue to use? *(jemontgomery)
What is the difference between Navy Board, Dockyard and Admiralty? (Navarone)

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