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Ship Modeling Forum FAQ - Category - A Preparation

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How do you change the scale of plans?
What is a Practicum? *(firstmate)
What is a good beginner's model kit to start with?
What ship modeling books do you recommend?
What is the difference between bread-and-butter, plank-on-bulkhead, and plank-on-frame construction? *(dinny cole)
What scale should I use? *(Navarone)
What woods are good to use with models? *(1stmatefrank)
What is the difference between beginners, intermediate, or advanced kits? *(wirewolf)
What is a good beginners book I could use to get going with? *(Randy)
Is CA a good glue to use? *(jemontgomery)
What is the difference between Navy Board, Dockyard and Admiralty? (Navarone)
The terms above refer to the Organization of the Royal Navy and to a special style of ship model building developed during first part of the 17th century. 

This style is alternatively called Admiralty models, Dockyard models, or Navy Board models. 

These Navy Board models were a variation of Plank on Frame that quickly became stylized in construction; instead of frames that were continuous from keel to sheer, with gaps between the frames, Navy Board models have interrupted frames.

The Admiralty:
The Admiralty was a Government department and was responsible for carrying out naval strategy and policy decisions made by the Cabinet of the British.

The Admiralty commissioned the navy's ships with the money voted to it each year by Parliament. It decided the basic specification when ordering each one or each class before design work started. It also determined the role and requirements of the new design. The Admiralty Board usually expressed its wishes in terms of dimensions, tonnage, or the numbers and calibers of the guns on each deck. 
The Admiralty had one main board, the Navy Board. It was also responsible for the Marines as well as for various different intelligence networks.
The Navy Board:
The Navy Board built and supplied the ships, ran the dockyards, purchased or manufactured the entire navy's stores and equipment. It appointed most of the warrant officers and employed thousands of men. 
The Navy Board consisted of ten members appointed by the Admiralty Board and usually held their positions for life. They were naval officers and civilians, often master shipwrights.

The Royal Navy's Dockyards:
The Dockyards were run by the Navy Board. In addition to the Royal Navy Dockyards there were also several private merchant yards, which were commissioned to build ships either to the Admiralty's design or to their own design hoping to sell it to the Admiralty. The Royal yards also maintained and repaired ships.

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