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Benefits of becoming a member

By registering, and becoming  member of the Ship Modeling Forum,

 you will have full access to all of the member features:


  • Designed with security as a priority

  • Powerful and extensive authorization system

  • Strong encryption to keep passwords safe in the database

  • Support for both cookie and URI-based sessions

Posting Messages:

  • Message formatting with various font styles and sizes as well as allowing quoting, code display, image posting and automatic URL linking

  • Support of standard and extended BBCode tags and controlled HTML tags

  • Polls can be simply added to posts

  • Email notification of replies to your topics

  • Powerful topic subscription capability

  • Original emoticons to portray emotions

  • Powerful search function

  • Uploading of Images and Documents

Member Features:

  • Unlimited members

  • Choice of language

  • Personal profile creation

  • Post counting and administrator-definable ranks for users

  • Email-like private messaging system (Actual Email addresses of members hidden.)

  • "Printer friendly view" for printing out postings.

  • Full access to Articles, Shop Notes, Book List, and Resource Pages.

USS Constitution & HMS Guerriere

   U.S.S Constitution  H.M.S Guerriere  

In the War of 1812,  in a fierce battle with the HMS Guerriere, a British sailor sees one of their cannon shot bounce off the hull of the Constitution and reportedly shouts, "Huzzah!", "Her sides are made of iron!"

-and so was born the nickname-





What does it take to make a good forum?

 * a sense of community

 * meaningful discussions

 * high activity

 * the quality of the posts

 * the lack of ads/spam due to a strong moderator

 * their ease of use

 * the friendliness of the participants

 * respect for others

 * member contribution

 * Much like the crew of a ship

It's a hobby, not a job. Have fun and enjoy the pastime of making model ships and boats!

Join our friendly group of fellow ship and boat modelers:

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Some recommended ship modeling books:
Ship Modeling Simplified
The Ship Model Builder's Assistant
Plank On Frame Models/Scale Masting & Rigging
Ship Modeling from Scratch
Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern
Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders
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"There are good ships, and there are wood ships, the ships that sail the sea."
"But the best ships are friendships, and may they always be." Old Irish Saying

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